Who we are

Thornsoft International Limited registered in the year 2010, it is a human capital technology tools company, with the mandate to aid organizations to reach strategic optimization, which means curbing the degree of administrative concentration.

Having formally operated as Thornsoft Limited, we have a decade of experience in the Human Resource industry. We are confident in both our products and our understanding of the industry. We drive change through the use of the “Inverted Triangle Principle”

The illustration on the right shows the degree of concentration the industry has had on administrative work, ultimately, this mode of operation is inefficient and extremely wasteful. Automated solutions are the future; Thornsoft is bringing this future to you today.

What we do


  • Plan Organizational Development Needs
  • Determine Individual Development goals
  • Manage Learning
  • Deliver learning
  • Measure development effectiveness


  • Plan rewards
  • Award salary increments
  • Manage benefits
  • Measure reward effectiveness


  • Plan Deployment
  • Maintain Employee data
  • Track assignments
  • Manage Absences
  • Manage Time
  • Manage Payroll
  • Measure deployment effectiveness


  • Plan Recruiting
  • Recruit Staff
  • Hire & Enable Resources


How we do it